Becky Wertz
Virginia, USA

Rebbeca (Becky) Wertz. Being raised in the Pacific Northwest helped connect me to nature and her elemental aspects. I loved the ocean and my Grandmother's ranch. When I retreated indoors, I created cartoons and radio shows. I didn't realize I could "draw" until we were given the assignment to draw our shoe at school. Soon, everyone was asking me to draw their shoe too! I don't know how I had this ability...I just did. The same went for my music. I was truly gifted with these talents to help me in my life and share with others.

I explored art classes in college, stayed up late creating art I didn't care for in the middle of the night. I didn't like being forced to create. This has stayed a theme in my life, and so my art has had active and dormant stages.  My favorite art mediums to use are colored pencil, watercolor, marker, and digital art.

I had many other life lessons to learn and integrate, like healing from a traumatic childhood, recovering from depression and a traumatic birth, learning that I am an empath and highly intuitive. Trying to understand how I could be connected to different beings and realms;  I experienced an initial spiritual awakening in 2006 through assisted lucid Kundalini activation. It was then that I met my guides, and how there were so many beings in our universe.

Many of the spacescapes and spiritual art I have created reflects this period in my life. I am also very connected to the fairy, angel, and mermaid realms. I like connecting with the Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleadians, and Sirians. I am open to many different energies because of my curiosity and open mind. 

Currently, I am splitting my creative ventures with art and music. I am a certified therapeutic harp therapist and enjoy taking my harp to hospitals and wellness centers and healing through music and intention.

I'm excited to share my artwork here on Our Psychic Art. Thank you exploring my art!

Harp music & art of Rebbeca Wertz, Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner



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