Thank you for finding your way to me and for your interest in my work. Painting has been such a profound journey of self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment & transformation for me. I am delighted to share with you. 

In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the micro to the macro! Throughout the entire greater cosmos we see geometry happening. There is a principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form. This principle of inter-connectedness and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole. 

The Art of Meditation paintings were born after working with plant medicine in 2015. All of a sudden geometry began to make sense to me. The best thing is that I can keep growing and evolving with this form of expression. I feel myself striving for that absolute precision and wanting to get more elaborate. I feel this is something I can really explore and at present I am particularly enjoying exploring the mandalas with UV light and fluorescent paints! I feel like I get to make 2 mandalas in one. It challenges me to create healing energy that is beautiful for the daytime and healing energy that will be spectacular for the night time experiences.

When painting mandalas in a meditative state I receive teachings, ideas and intuitions to research when the painting is complete. Usually, this is over the course of several months for me as every painting takes anything from 2 weeks to 5 months so far. 

After I paint my mandalas I begin to research ideas and intuitions that the mandalas have been sharing with me whilst I have been painting. It's amazing what comes up in my world as I begin a new mandala, I observe everything and see how everything is coinciding and creating patterns of truth. It's an amazing journey because all of those ideas and intuitions come together in a ‘teaching’ that I can share at the end.  What else can I call it? I learn more through these teachings than I ever did at school.  It is indeed, a Mandala Mystery School

These teachings put your growth into your hands and activate an awakening to your deepest truths. They have taught me how to research information using my intuition. I have learnt that Truth is felt through the heart. The only rule I have is that I will need information from 3 sources before I can consider the pattern of truth among them. 

Every mandala has unlimited wisdom to share! These teachings activate us. They give us insights, direction, inspiration, wisdom, healing and clarity. Whatever it is that you need to evolve your consciousness. 

This is a transformative way for me to work as it allows me to connect with my higher self, to become heart-centered and embody the energies of unconditional love. I feel myself enter a very different vibration when I paint. 

I allow healing energy to flow through me and into the painting, I perform a blessing over every one and I believe that each mandala is infused with it's own medicine and powerful high frequency healing energies. They move you out of ‘thinking’ into ‘feeling’ and encourage you to become heart-centred in all that you do.

With each and every creation my journey deepens and I am gaining more knowledge and insight into how these beautiful geometric designs are working with us. 

There is a potential in each painting to activate you but it will not interact with you unless your soul chooses it. You are consciousness and you have a free will and the choice to shift further to Higher Consciousness.

Every creation is for the highest good of your Being. You will feel a connection with your painting or will feel drawn to certain paintings I have already created when you are being activated by it. The potential and the medicine in the painting is unlimited. 

A resonance will happen between you and your painting. Many people have cried when connecting with theirs. I believe they help you to release a lot of stagnant energy and provide instant healing to your energy. Joy, Clarity and Well-being are frequently experienced, together with an inner knowing that a significant shift in Consciousness has taken place.

I feel like what you see is not what you get, it’s so much deeper than that! And when I say this I am in no way taking away from the beautiful piece of art that it is. I feel that more than anything, these paintings are a healing journey you go on. For me, it’s ALL about the journey!

Each painting is encoded with it’s own geometric harmonics which means that it is actually a sound, a vibration, a frequency just like we see in cymatics. 'Cymatics' is the science of visualizing audio frequencies.

Even the energy field of where the painting is placed will begin to interact with the painting. The painting continuously sends out its geometric fingerprint creating beautiful ripples of healing energy. 

The energy that each of the paintings will emit interact with the water in your body which bio electronically transmits information to your DNA which activates it for higher states of consciousness. This is the same way in which I understand crop circles work with us. My paintings, just like the crop circles that appear all over the world. They are here to activate our cosmic and soul DNA as well as our physical DNA. They will also develop the brain's neural synapses. This all happens when they are viewed through the eye and linked to the brain.

Activating your DNA includes the clearing of old negative thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good. It also involves activating your soul DNA (just as your genetic body has a DNA, your soul has a DNA) which will expand your consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension.

Allow yourself to take this information in on a cellular level. Try not to think, try to feel. Do not expect yourself to understand all the aspects and mysteries. I like to feel my way through this information and also research it. Experience it, emanate it, vibrate with it and integrate it.

Opening up your consciousness to the geometric patterns, the symbolic messages and the 'Teaching' that comes with each painting will spark your resonance/activation/healing process. 

  • Dolphin Dream Dance Mandala printed on Fleece Blanket
    Dolphin Dream Dance Mandala printed on Fleece Blanket

Commission a Personal Art of Meditation Painting

Commission your very own painting to be created! All I need is your permission, your full name and your date of birth. You can pick colours and theme or allow me to just tune into your energy and create one for you on pure intuition!  

I will be intuitively guided when creating your unique geometric painting and you will feel its powerful energy wherever you wish to place it and your Art of Meditation painting comes with a Teaching about its healing and transformative medicine. 

Please contact [email protected] to commission a painting or fill out the contact form at the end of this page.

Typically a 24x24 canvas takes approx 6 weeks to complete (depending on workload). Please take this into consideration when ordering your painting. 

See below for popular sizes.  

Available Mandalas for Purchase