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Psychic Art Reading

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I have the ability to tune into your energy by looking at your name and date of birth. When I set my intention, I am able to connect with your energy and 'pick up' on many different things that you will find valuable to know. I do not need to meet you, see you or speak just your full name and date of birth is enough.

This reading is an amazing tool for raising your vibration, shifting consciousness, spiritual growth and personal development! As you gain a deeper understanding your our soul's journey it has a profound and transformational effect on your future.

Psychic Art Readings are like your own personal Oracle Card! Instead of me using a deck of cards, I create your card! 

I never know what kind of information each reading will bring. It is very unique to each person and what they need. I tune into my clients energy and work out their birth number and birth colour, this creates a connection and I am able to begin to select images to work with to create an image that will be healing for them. All of my art has a healing energy to it that triggers the subconscious mind to remember, release and or integrate.

Past/Present/Future, Spirit, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Animals, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Health, Healing, Love, Relationships, this reading has no limitations as to what may be explored. We only ask that your heart is open to all possibilities.

Trust that as you ask, so shall it be. You will receive what you seek when you choose to seek it. Let your experience be your guide and your inspirations be your reward and allow for this growth and the possibilities it brings to you

Psychic Art Reading Includes:

High resolution JPEG file of your Artwork (digital file that you can print if you wish)

PDF document of your typed Reading (approximately 10 pages)

30 minute video/audio call follow up (an opportunity for you to ask questions or seek further guidance)

Printing Service (optional)

I absolutely welcome the opportunity to work with you! Please get in touch with any questions you may have by emailing [email protected]

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