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Shakti Mandala Bowl


I had this beautiful hand carved set of wooden bowls that just called to have some mandalas painted on them. I am not sure what kind of wood it is but they are definately good quality bowls.


I love nature and all natural things. I thought about the tree that gave us this bowl and wanted to paint in honour of it. Trees are living beings and they have great power and energy. Native Americans often referred to trees as the “Standing People.” I believe that each tree has special gifts and lessons to share with us.


This is the 2nd wooden bowl I have painted and I wanted to do something a bit more freehand and mehndi/henna inspired. I love these 'doodles'. I have used a copper leaf paint for the mandala. The light just transforms this metallic paint. Its pretty spectacular to behold when the light hits it. It looks so 3D. 

I felt a very feminine Indian energy with this bowl. So I imagine, henna art and the mehndi patterns. I always love to see Indian brides and wanted to create a bowl fit for an Indian bride.

"SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy. SHAKTI means energy, power, movement, change, nature. It is the maternal principle – the provider, abundance. In the human as well as in the animal kingdom the mother offers nourishment, warmth and security. There is no greater love than the love of a mother"[chakras.net].

I believe this bowl contains the energy of Shakti. The geometry of the mandala holds and honours this divine feminine energy. Shakti manifests within us as intelligence, instinct, willpower, energy, action, and ultimately, magic. She allows our words and inner desires to be heard throughout the divine spiritual realm, so that we may receive appropriate feminine guidance from our goddesses.

wooden bowl measures 6 inches diameter. Painted with copper leaf paint. 

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