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Reiki Chic Necklace & Pendant


Beautiful, classy, statement rope wrapped necklace with brown and champagne thread complimented by a hand painted copper leaf mandala on 3 inchwooden disk. Centre of the the mandala has the symbol of 'OM', the sound of the Universe to represent our connection to the cosmos, cycles, patterns, nature and eachother. The copper leaf paint shines as the light hits it, bringing the pendant to life and making it multi-dimentional. Copper is a wonderful conductor of energy, I believe the reiki I have sent into this pendant is contained within the geometry of the copper leaf mandala and will bring healing and wellness to the wearer. It has high vibes that are grounded by the natural tones used. Necklace measures 19.5 inches and can be made shorter, approximately 15 inches.  

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