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Lacey Chic Cuff Bracelet


Cuff bracelets have been worn throughout history. There is even evidence that some early humans wore leather bracelets to signify tribal roles, such as group leader. Egyptians later wore them as a symbol of monarchy. They were also worn by ancient Greek and Roman soliders to signify rank. Even Spartacus wore simple leather cuffs as a symbol of raw power!

No matter where the cuff bracelet origins come from I am a fan! This look is regal, strong, raw, powerful and I like to add a touch of feminine to create a look that is timeless. 

This beautiful tan fake leather cuff bracelet with woven lace detail will pretty much look great with anything. I wanted to make this cuff a little more lady like, so, I wove in the lace for a touch of feminine grace and sophistication, creating a balanced masculine and feminine energy. 

Easy to put on or take off with double snap poppers. 9 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. Lined with suede 

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