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Friday 12th June 2015 - Old/New Friends making music around the fire
Posted by Frankey Craig on June 15, 2015 at 12:49 PM

I used my iPhone to record this on Friday evening so I apologise its not fabulous quality and I did almost trip over the cat whilst going down the stairs at the start. I love that the recording was 17 minutes long and there are 17 of us in this group.  It is also nice you can hear talking and laughter as we are making music together. No instructions, we just connected and played. 

The singing bowls, the drums, singing light language, the digeridoo, the shakers all were amazing! It just felt like we had been doing this a long time.

I sat there at one point seeing all of  the people in that circle with me in so many past lifes like African, Aboriginal, Native American, Egypt, Greece, Arcturus and on and on I sat there in awe remembering our wonderful connections and how magical that we have been brought together from all over the world to that place, that night. So divinely orchestrated. If our lives had been any different we just wouldnt have ended up there on that mini beach :)

I actually had a very deep spiritual cleansing after this weekend and want to thank everyone that was there just for being there. 

Adonai, Frankey 

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