Members Psychic Art Comp 9/10/12 Members Psychic Art Comp 9/10/12 162352683 Creativity 162709272 My Pathway 162709273 Opening Up Saw this image in my meditation today - I have called it 'Opening Up' as I felt I was opening up to the Spirit World and allowing my creativity to flow - just had to draw it!! 162799303 saul one of my guides. 162856019 Rainbow Energy Arcturian Guide~ Feel the vibration of love 162919271 Light Language Angelic message 162919272 164903054 Ancient eyes The knowledge is within you... Open your ancient eyes. Send crystal messages to your star families and raise the cosmic frequency on Gaia 165190775 A little slice of Paradise 165626201 Crystal Garden 165828005 Manifest All our dreams lie within all of us, allow our personal angels to help to us find our unique gifts to help change this world for a better place. 165828737 Soul Reflection Only your soul reflects the true you. 165829064 Mother Earth Rejoice Mother Earth and the Angels in heaven will sing our praises. 165829065 Inner Knowing Understanding the Universe starts with knowing ourself. 165861562 Destination 165932570 Passageway 165933121 Enlightened 165935349 Dragon Gate 165936319 165938137 Felicity Came through quite some time ago. 166843357 Healing with glitter Made with felt pens, cystals, lots of glitter and love. 167060172 Your Inner Light 167171878 The Journey 167171879 Siren Healing the earth through the cosmic song ... Light language 167192432 Holographic butterfly moon- Self portrait Feel the cosmic vibes... the true vibration of love from the butterfly moon. Love makes me fly.. as I become the pink comet I truly am *I am a pink star*<3 my star name is Ahkti 167258958