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Since beginning yoga and hiking this year I have felt my mind, body and spirit transform as I have started the process of aligning the three. This has felt extremely important to my journey, almost as if I would not evolve without this.

For so many years, I tried to escape my body because of pain inside and outside. Meditation and my connection with higher consciousness vibrations made me want to stay in the ether with spirit, where I am light and free BUT I was continually reminded that I came to Earth, into a body for a reason.

Yoga has been a gift to me, it has given me my body back. I like to be in my body now, it feels stronger, more flexible and can endure so much more than I imagined! I can anchor in a much higher consciousness to this stronger and clearer vessel.

So many other things in my life have come into alignment as I continue to nourish my mind, my body and my spirit. I can't even begin to describe the connections I am making internally and externally.

When I am told that I have lost weight, it makes me smile because weight was the very last thing on my mind when I started yoga and more exercise, that part seems superficial to me. I wanted to feel strong again, to build my energy and create this alignment within myself. I wanted to create a new lasting habit in my life. I've been checking out my endurance, muscles and flexibility. Weight seems so insignificant in the big picture although I do understand our culture seems to value skinny women no matter how they got there?!

Yoga has enforced to me how silly this weight thing is. It's just another way to make people not feel good enough. I've seen bigger people do some amazing poses in yoga and have seen strength and endurance in a bigger person that tops someone smaller. I've also seen the opposite. It's awesome!

I choose to take care of myself, to truly love myself and make choices that support me in every way. I choose healthier food options free of chemicals and preservatives, I choose to get up and do yoga each day, I choose to give myself extra time for meditation, I choose to work internally on myself using a variety of holistic tools, I choose higher vibrational thought processes, I make the choice to honour my emotions and nurture them, I choose to continue to seek and explore because I know this isn't the end! This is the beginning.

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