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It is astrologically a good time for some mirror and shadow work.

This morning I sat down and I brought it home!

Firstly, I take ownership of the traits I am repelled by. I basically am looking at all the people that piss me off! (knowing this is all me!) It has been about a year since I have done this, so my list had built up again! First it's like OUCH!!!!! Then, OoOOOOOooH!!!! Then, Ahhhhhhhhhh :)

I then move onto what each trait is teaching. This part is my most favourite because it is like a guide on to how to live and shows you how to make changes to thought processes that are not serving you.

So here it goes:


NEGATIVE - which is teaching more positivity

FEARFUL - which is teaching me to choose love

LOW ESTEEM - which is teaching me confidence

IMITATING - which is teaching me to be authentic

INSECURE - which is teaching me self love

MANIPULATIVE - which is teaching me to be genuine

DRAMATIC - which is teaching me to seek growth in all challenges

SELFISH - which is teaching me to think of others

STUCK IN PATTERNS - which is teaching me awareness

EGOIC - which is teaching me to listen to my higher self

SUPERFICIAL - which is teaching me to be true to myself

GREEDY - which is teaching me to live simply in gratitude

SELF ABSORBED - which is teaching me to ask questions

GOSSIPY - which is teaching me how important words are

I am soooooo grateful and humbled by the people teaching me. Most aren't even aware but my soul acknowledges theirs at the deepest level.

I take ownership, then I find the lesson, when you find the lesson you have seen the trait from a higher perspective which allows you to begin new patterns. You release the cycle and you start focusing on the teachings.

I own my light and my dark knowing that both serve my highest good.

If you are ready to begin exploring your shadow and expanding you light you may feel drawn to my Intuitive Guidance Sessions to help you navigate through your transitions. Please visit


Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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