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I am Blooming is SOLD prints can be purchased from my Redbubble Shop


This painting is on a 18x24 inch canvas. I have used silver and gold leaf liquid and some matte acrylic paints.


The title of the painting is ‘I Am Blooming’ because it marks a transition and an evolution of my artwork and life.


On my journey I have tried many different medias, methods and styles. Each one has been perfect for my evolution, to strengthen my connection to my higher self and to allow me to fully express my spirit.


My guides have always said to me ‘’if you are doing the same art that you were doing last year you are doing it wrong. You need to keep evolving, keep exploring’’ So, I do and I have and here I am again in a new flow.


I had set the intention in 2015 to evolve my artwork. I was feeling the need for a transition. Little did I know that I had planted a seed that was going to take over a year to germinate.


One day I began to see the pattern of this painting in my mind’s eye very clearly. Then, it began popping up everywhere online in various styles. I wanted to do dots, even though I hadn’t done this style before, I felt I wanted to give it a go!


During the time I created this painting I felt such celebration for the transitions we have in life. Beginnings are endings and endings are beginnings. Change is exciting and I believe, in my heart, it is always supporting our highest good, even when it’s hard to see.


This painting calls us to embrace and enjoy life transitions. To stay true to ourselves, to stay authentic and to express ourselves fully.

The Butterfly spirit medicine energy lies within this canvas. The butterflies came to me with a message of change, creativity and freedom.


They shared that many of us have learnt to look beyond the physical realm and have evolved into the spiritual realm, which allows us to live on Earth as a "spiritual being" rather than a "human being." We have changed our entire genetic structure (DNA) from caterpillar to butterfly evolving ourselves to an ascended level of consciousness.


The Butterfly medicine holds the power of the Air element which rules the mind allowing us greater control of all of our creations.


Whoever this painting belongs to will resonate fully with what I have written here and when you receive your canvas you will receive all of the medicine it is energetically infused with.

You can commission your very own painting by visiting

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