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“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

― Albert Einstein

My sister, Katie asked me back in March of this year to do a painting for my niece. Immediately inspiration began to spark within my imagination and I was more than happy to do this for her 7th Birthday as a gift! Little did I know what a big project it was actually going to be! Or what a transformative experience I would have with it.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

― Pablo Picasso


Lots of synchronicities happened for me as they always do but because I know what’s going on in my niece's life it was wonderful to see how the ocean was calling her even though she had no idea I was doing the painting for her. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as she took several trips to the beach in the UK. She did a beach clean up and also earned her WWF Turtle Badge during the time I did the painting for her.

It's been inspirational to see the energies from the painting reaching out to her.

Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy. - Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Inspirational. That's what I want to talk about in this post. Doing this painting took me into my inner child and allowed me to really explore my imagination and allow inspiration to guide its creation.

That’s usually how my guides work with me! I feel like they know me so well and they don’t want to overwhelm me with details so I literally get one step at a time and a few future ideas that haven't fully formed but they spark inspiration and direction.

Inspiration has always been a fascination to me. Many times I've been told by people that I have inspired them to do certain projects or certain things in their lives. I’ve been called a Muse by quite a few of my friends and clients. My guides have told me I am a seed planter for evolving planets.

So, often I ponder this inspiration business. Where does it come from? How do ideas just suddenly POP into your head like that? The mind is fascinating. I think its a receiver of consciousness.

I studied hypnotherapy for a while which gave me an opportunity to study the brain and what I wasn't expecting was to discover that the subconscious mind was absolutely fascinating and amazing to me. We only use 12% of our conscious mind. The remaining 88% is completely subconscious. After reading through as much material as I could on the subsconscious mind I became convinced that we are storing alot of information in there! It’s just so mysterious and knowing how amazing the parts of the brain that we actually understand are I feel strongly the 88% is where our full potential is and I feel that we are all unlocking more of that potential within ourselves every day. I’m not sure subconscious will be the right name in the future. Maybe SUPER Conscious!!!

I’ve read several times about certain things being invented all at the same time by different people all around the world and it got me wondering if they are all trying to solve the same problem at the same time are they somehow tapping into the collective super consciousness and plucking the idea from there? Maybe the idea is just floating in that person's subconscious mind because they are destined to remember? Maybe something or some Being is whispering the ideas to us?

I’m not about to call us rats but they did get me thinking after reading Rupert Sheldrakes material on Morphic Resonance. Rats have been trained with a trick in one location and over the other side of the world the rats are learning the same trick at a much faster rate than the first group of rats and as more rats get trained in different locations the quicker each group picks the trick up. I’ve read so much material on animals and how they seem to all share a collective consciousness. I began to really resonate with this idea and imagined that humans could do the same if we moved beyond our five senses. See more at

How do people come up with magnificent stories? I am always curious about that too! Just all of a sudden an inspiration of an intricately detailed story bursts through.

Inspiration can literally come from anywhere! Your surroundings, a thought from nowhere, a person, an animal….. The list is endless.

“In Spirit, inspiration. Inspiration comes from our connection to the Universe, the power that beats our heart. Prayer is when you speak to God, and inspiration, intuition and creativity is when God speaks to you. Spirit is the invisible connection we have to all creation, and when we are in spirit, inspired, we are simply plugged in, connected, to the miraculous, complete force of all that is in form”.

-Robbie Vorhaus

Anyone who uses their creativity will understand that burst! Where the heck does it come from? For weeks and months we can feel blocked and then out of nowhere inspiration POPS in and there is nothing on this planet that can stop you from creating that inspired idea! Some of us will go at our projects for hours on end ‘in the flow’ and are like dogs with bones until we are done even if we are exhausted and it’s 4am! Lol

It’s fascinating to ponder and explore isn’t it?

It's like there is this super conscious mind that we can all share! A source of pure creativity, that all inventors, writers, artists and composers throughout history have tapped into.

Thomas Edison constantly tapped into his super conscious mind to come up with hundreds of new ideas and inventions. Today, Bill Gates says his idea for the earliest computers were from a super conscious flash of inspiration.

With this all said it takes me back to the painting I had been asked to do for my niece.

Here is an image of the final painting

I feel like many of the children being born over the last decade are a totally new human BEINGS. I can spot an indigo, crystal, rainbow child (or whatever you want to call them) from a mile away. Infact, they seem to be very drawn to me too. I feel their imaginations will never fade and they are here to inspire great growth on this planet. I believe that these children are a reminder for the rest of humanity, who through time has lost touch with who we truly are which is one shared body of consciousness. I feel for these sensitive Beings.

I was them at one point in my life and I hope to be able to offer them healing and guidance on this difficult journey of life. (I saw the video below and had to include in this post)

From the day my niece came into this world 7 years ago I couldn't wait to see what she was going to teach me and my family. She has just mind blown me on all levels and I know I am a much stronger person because of her beautiful teachings of compassion, love and friendship.

You know it's not always that easy for a creative person to come up with an idea. If I wasn't inspired I wouldn't have been able to do the painting for my niece. I could force one but it wouldn't have that flow to it. I’d have to rely on technique.

Inspiration gives LIFE. Some creations just have to be alive and there would be nothing on this earth that could stop its birth.

I felt INSPIRED to do an ocean scene for my nieces painting, very strongly and every step was made very clear to me. My inner guidance and thought processes kept being inspired and motivated to the next step.

I never used to be the most patient of people when painting, I always wanted the project done quickly, like within a day! But I am learning that there is so much joy in the process of creation than the actual creation for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I create but I love the journey of how I got there even more. Check out the video below that shows the journey of this creation...

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As I painted each time, I could hear stories being told to me about the time of Atlantis. I felt the ocean soooooo strongly, infact I ended up down at the beach for a weekend during its making. I was also being gifted sea shells and ocean themed things constantly.

I felt that the story I was hearing was true and it felt like it needed to be put it into a format that would be appealing to children and also adults.

Where were these stories coming from every time I started painting? Imagination I am sure some would say but just like inspiration I wonder where the heck does imagination come from then?! It’s all very confusing, even to a psychic! Maybe even especially to a psychic!

Anyway, once the painting was done the story flowed out onto paper and there was no stopping me! I was doing so good with it until I read it out loud for the first time to my husband and there were certain parts that I couldn't read because I was crying so much. I was trying with all of my might to get the words out, thinking what the heck! Why am I crying?! When I pondered it, I realized it was the truth of the words that moved me inside so deeply, so subconsciously that I could not control my tears.

I don’t know what to say. It’s a story that was deeply within me and at the same time it came from above through inspiration and imagination. All I really know is that it’s from the heart.

I wish to share this story with Frishta, my niece because I want her to remember everything and I want her imagination to constantly be inspired the way that she does for me.

I also wish to share this story with anyone who feels drawn to spare a moment to get in touch with their imagination, inner child and divine aspects of SELF.

Please see the video below for the Tales of Atlantis - Mermaids of Bimini story narrated by me along with some lovely music from Llewellyn (Lights of Atlantis) and the completed painting artwork.

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Any feedback you have is most welcome.


Be Inspired.









Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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