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This is just a small 5 x 5 inch painting but its energy certainly makes up for its size!

I created this painting one day when a friend was over for a paint play date. As I began painting I felt a lot of throat chakra healing taking place to enable for an even greater expression of SELF.

Each of us has an opportunity to be our Greatest Expression of SELF every day where we fully recognize our own conflicts with integrity, living this way allows us to fully encompass the journey towards Mastery.

The throat always used to be a weak centre for me but over the years I do feel that I have done quite a bit of healing on myself and its opened this centre up for me far more than ever before. Writing blog posts, doing videos, audio recordings and speaking light language are all things I would have never been able to do 10 years ago. I’ve come a long way but, of course still, there is always room for expansion and growth….

This paintings energies enforce that we all have the right to express ourselves and our beliefs with love, clarity and truth. And with that said, we should also support others in being able to do the same without allowing our egos to be triggered.

We each are sovereign Beings and have the right to express what is true to us without fear of ridicule or upsetting the another person’s beliefs or feelings.

Life is so infinite and immense and it is experienced in so many ways.

It’s time to start recognizing that we are each a piece of the cosmic puzzle, we are all at different points on our journey of life and all of our truths should be respected. And that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them! You can honour a perspective by not judging and simply respecting this is their view. The end. No drama or inflated chests needed. As long as no harm is being done to any living being (including our planet) then we should not judge a person’s beliefs or expressions of SELF.

The throat chakra isn’t just about speaking. It is also about listening. Hearing! Really being able to hear each other instead of concocting your response as the other person speaks. I have literally seen people just talk AT each other for the full duration of their time spent together. Neither of them is listening, only for the words that trigger something for them to say and they are exhausted by their conversation because they are fighting for attention (energy) all of the time.

People rarely listen with their hearts. They usually (just about) hear with their ears what they want to hear and let their egos monkey mind do the rest of the talking.

So many do not realize that one person’s view is just one perspective of a greater storey, there is almost always other views and perspectives involved. So many people just allow themselves to be triggered over and over and take no ownership on where their thoughts are taking them and WHY…

Being aware of your expression is the first step. You cannot change something that you are not aware of so check in with yourself, what are you expressing? What feelings and emotions are emoting from your voice?

As we are shifting our vibrations to higher octaves of resonance there is a new paradigm emerging on this planet that is guiding us all towards GREATER EXPRESSION of SELF. Stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth and you will achieve the compassionate aspect of integrity. This truth also applies to individuals and nations as well, it applies in macro and micro.

I am so grateful for the experiences and lessons learnt through my Art from the HEART paintings. I hope you have gained much healing from its process, messages and insights as well.


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Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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