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The title of this painting is

Golden Hand Distant Reiki Healing 

This painting has been done on an 8x12 inch canvas with acrylic paints and sealed with a protective layer to ensure long life! 

This was an unpersonalized painting and I posted a picture of the finished painting on my Facebook Page for two minutes before a dear friend who happends to be a Reiki Master brought it!

I encourage you to join me on Facebook as much of my 'hot off the press art' gets posted there first. I also enjoy sharing the process of creating the paintings and love to share my insights along the way on Facebook. Come and be my Facebook Buddy!

I am a Reiki Master and always love the opportunity to put my healing energies into my work. Thats why I love to do these Art from the HEART paintings. Love is an incredibly healing energy to transmit into my creations. 

I felt called to create a Reiki Distant Healing Painting. My higher self and my guides wanted to show us how beautiful and giving it is to send healing energy out into the world. Sending good intentions and good thoughts when someone or some place is in need of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing is such a beautiful gift to give. 

In a universe where everything is energy, your thoughts and intentions can, and do, influence matter. Simply by using the power of our mind we have the power to heal. We are all interconnected energetically and are a part of a giant web of consciousness. This connected consciousness is not limited to time or space. 

Distance healing can be explained with quantum physics. This area of science has made tremendous leaps in our understanding of the way the universe works. They are proving that everything, including the body and our thoughts, are energy. Thought energy is particularly powerful and has been shown to influence matter. Thats why its so powerful to have clear intentions. 

You really don't need to be attuned to any kind of healing modality to give healing. You just clear your mind, become one with your breath, connect with your heart and focus on where you intend to heal and send positive thoughts of healing! Its that easy! Our minds are such powerful tools.

The intention of this paintings healing is to transmit energies only for the highest good, whatever that is and whether it is known to you or not, can go long way in producing positive results.

I encourage you to grab your favourite beverage, then watch/listen/meditate with the video below that gives you my reading for this painting and a short, relaxing and healing meditation.


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I am so grateful for the experiences and lessons learnt through my Art from the HEART paintings. I hope you have gained much healing from its process, messages and insights as well.


If you would like your own Art from the Heart Painting that comes with a personalized audio recorded reading, please visit OR email [email protected] for more information





Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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