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I have titled this 12x12 inch Canvas


This was an uncomissioned Art from the HEART painting so I didn't know where it was ging to live or who it would go to. I just did the reading from the paintings energy and with the help and inspiration of the beautiful mermaid in this painting (whose name is Fayna which means ‘JOYFUL ONE’) it turns out this painting was destined to be with a friend of mine who (unknown to me) has just got the outline of her mermaid tattoo! 

I really encourage you to take some time out of your day to open your heart and listen the the video below.

This paintings unique uplifting energy awakens our spirits to greater love, joy and possibilities.

The video below includes an audio recording of the reading that goes with this healing painting which also includes a wonderful meditation to help you to connect with the water element so you may want to make sure you are somewhere you won't be disturbed and I encourage you to have some water and a note pad and pen......

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The next video (below) is a short video I put together to share the creation and birthing of the Mer-JOY painting!

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I am so grateful for the experiences and lessons learnt through my Art from the HEART paintings. I hope you have gained much healing from its process, messages and insights as well.


If you would like your own Art from the Heart Painting that comes with an audio recorded reading, please visit OR email [email protected] for more information





Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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