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I have entitled this painting:


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(The above video is a peak into the creation and birth process of this painting)

This painting is on a 16x20 inch Canvas that has been painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a protective gloss to ensure longevity.

This Art from the HEART painting has been created for a dear friend of mines sister. I felt extremely honoured to do this paining and reading for such a high vibrational Being.

Sometimes in order for me to do a painting for someone I have to go through a bit of a purge to be able to shift my frequency into a higher octave to be able to bring through the energies needed for that person. This paintings high vibrational energies was no acceptation!

To anchor in the high vibrational medicine of the hummingbird and flower kingdom I went through a cleansing process in which I experienced Rainbow Healing energy being from the cosmos! That’s what that burst of rainbow energy is coming from the top left corner of the painting. I was able to receive the same rainbow healing frequencies that I was sending to my client through this painting. This energy comes down from the cosmic rays and provides healing and integration with the higher vibrational energies. I was very thankful for this because I know the rainbow light really made it a smoother transition for me.

That’s why I usually fore-warn clients that I don’t know how long this process is going to take or what is going to come through unless you ask for something specific, then all I know is that it will include that somehow?! There is a huge amount of Trust in the process, the journey, the Divine Timing of Life which always offers us the opportunity to expand our hearts just that little bit further.

I understand this process; I don’t call it Art from the HEART for no reason! It helps our hearts and our higher hearts to expand even when think we can’t expand anymore! Every painting gives my heart more room to grow more expansive; more compassionate, loving, giving and forgiving. And I am so grateful for this.

This painting was actually booked many, many, many months ago and thanks to the assistance of my guides and the trust and patience of the perfect recipient I was able to birth this creation that contains such potent high frequency healing energy!

The hibiscus and plumeria energies are of an extremely high vibration. The hibiscus offers a steady flow of loving kindness throughout the body and soul which an important trait of the divine feminine energy. Hibiscus is healing the sacral and heart chakras.The Plumerias consciousness brings the gift of Creation and Recreation. It brings positive energy to all manifestations. The plumeria energy, instils high self-esteem, inner and outer self-awareness, inner peace and harmony, uplifts the spirit and nourishes the soul. Plumeria medicine is wonderful for your base Chakra to promote love and a sense of trust in the grand design.

I won’t go into details about my client but I will tell you that this amazing Shaman is doing some very special work here on our planet. She is actively assisting in the revolution of society in every aspect. She is a Guardian of Earth and here to preserve old and create new traditions. I feel such grattitude for her work.

This painting teaches us that as we alter our consciousness to connect with the higher dimensions we are not only dealing with multiple dimensions but also with multiple states of consciousness and by exploring the higher states of consciousness we begin to open ourselves up further and begin to leave limiting 3rd dimensional methods and ways of Being behind us and, as we begin to cross the threshold of the 3rd dimension we start tapping into some really advanced and intuitive ways of living and Being!

This is opening up new ways of understanding and communicating for us as we are tapping into new levels of our right brain hemispheres as we are able to comprehend the different dimensions which are no longer a concept but a reality that is played out in our day to day life.

We are each begging to experience new levels of unconditional love and LIGHT. A new level of understanding of oneness with the universe. A feeling of freedom, authenticity and sovereignty. Freedom to be true to ourselves and express ourselves as sovereign Beings. And as we continue to delve deeper into our right brain we activate imagination and creativity at a higher level of expression than before.

I am so grateful for the experiences and lessons learnt through my Art from the HEART paintings. I hope you have gained much healing from its process and insights as well.


If you would like your own Art from the Heart Painting that comes with an audio recorded reading, please visit OR email [email protected] for more information







Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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