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I have entitled this painting:


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The video above gives you a visual of the process and some nice close ups of the painting.

This painting is on a 16x20 inch Canvas that has been painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a protective gloss to ensure longevity.

This unique one of a kind  personalized and original painting has been created for a dear client of mine in Canada. He and I have connected several times with his Arcturian Aspect of SELF and he asked that we further tap into this aspect for this Art from the Heart Reading.

As always this painting has been such a wonderful inner and outer journey that has triggered many transformations in my consciousness to enable me to gestate and birth this healing/activating artwork.

The journey of conception has been packed with knowledge, interdimensional travel and further explorations of the higher dimensions.

This painting and the reading that came with it has fascinated me no end! I won’t be able to share everything with you but I wanted to share a few things I felt were thought provoking.

Please note that everything in this painting has meaning that I have shared with my client in a personalized audio recording. Even the astral sky contained many messages about his travels.

But, the first thing I do want to share with my readers is that because this client had called on his Arcturian Aspect he had made what’s known as an inter-dimensional thought form. Interdimensional manifestation as with any manifestation requires only a thought form.

The concept excited me because I knew I had been doing this in the higher dimensions where my manifestations are MUCH quicker. Here on Earth the thought forms usually take much longer to manifest but I’ve been seeing them speed up more and more this year as I have been learning to embody more of my 5th dimensional SELF.

I learnt through this reading that when you call into higher dimensions you are using your free will to open up an inter-dimensional portal. Which is what you see in the middle of the painting. An inter-dimensional portal my client has created with his thought form that reached out to his Arcturian Aspect of SELF. Thats what has created this amazing looking portal. How cool is that?! The portal glowed as I saw it in my mind’s eye and I couldn’t see the black circle because all the light language was so bright! I had to really focus on each symbol in my minds eye to get a clear image, as soon as I lost focus the light became a white blur! You have a much clearer version here of what I was actually experiencing! lol

This portal is open for my client to use so that he may experience full dimensionality and further remembering of his Arcturian Aspect of SELF. It connects him with his Arcturian expression of SELF with whom he will begin to consciously receive multidimensional information from.

I was even given a meditation for my client that I have recorded for him that assists his communications with his Arcturian Aspect of SELF. I think that’s so cool and I can’t wait to hear how that works for him over the next few years!

This aspect of my client also shared information about crystalline blueprints and is assisting my client to activate the Higher Templates of his bodies.

He also talked about the 7 hermetic principles which are symbolized by the rainbow above his head. I have explored these principles before because of readings I have done in the past but I was guided back towards these ancient set of seven extremely important and timeless laws of the Universe. The Hermetic principles are explained in a book named the Kybalion. You can find online versions of it if you feel drawn to research. Its fascinating and its origins are even more so…..

The diamond portal in the bottom left of the artwork represents a diamond light matrix and a crystalline earth grid that my client had been helping with in the higher realms. There are major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Earth to other dimensional worlds, Stars and Planets in the Galaxy, Solar System and Beyond within these grids.

My client is quite a traveller and I feel blessed to be a part of his journey and to do the work that I do.


If you would like your own Art from the Heart Painting that comes with an audio recorded reading, please visit OR email [email protected] for more information






Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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