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I have entitled this painting:


It is on a 16x20 inch Canvas that has been painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a protective gloss to ensure longevity. This painting has been such a wonderful inner journey. So much knowledge and healing has happened whilst in the process of its creation.

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The painting process commenced in December 2015 and was completed in March of 2016 it was a 3-month gestation whereby I first was cocooned and then I shed my skin at the end and shifted into a new vibrational way of Being.

It actually was the most time I’ve spent on a painting. I kept taking breaks and then coming back to it – just trusting its process. Every time I went back to it something new was added in. I feel like I slowed the process down because there was a lot of knowledge and healing to integrate plus I really enjoyed being with these energies and I am so grateful for my time with them during this conception.

One of my many incarnations here on Earth, I was a Shaman within an Aboriginal tribe. I found this out back in 2009 when I was living in Manchester, UK. I had met up with a friend who was an amazing trance medium for an afternoon of developing together. We decided she would allow the spirit to speak through her as I created artwork of this energy we were to connect with.

I had leather sofas at the time. I sat on the 3 seater facing her whilst my friend sat in one of the armchairs and as she connected with the spirit I heard the other armchair make a sound like leather does when someone gets up. I felt a very tall masculine energy walk across the room and as soon as it got to her she took a deep breath and started to speak with a very deep voice.

There were some seriously powerful energies that afternoon. I feel the whole room shift as soon as he got up from that armchair. Even the tall pillar candles that I had just brought burnt down all of the way! The one that was closest to her was completely gone.

The energy that came through her that day was an aboriginal shaman guide that still to this day walks with me. He talked about my development, he told me about my shamanic abilities and shared information about the plant medicines. At the end of our conversation he made me laugh out loud because he looked at what I was smoking and told me that I needed a pipe for it!!!! He has such a wonderful humour and loved food! Even after our session he followed me around the kitchen as I made dinner. He still loves being in my kitchen when I am cooking! Lol. If you are interested to see the artwork I created back then in 2009 please click on this link

More seeds were planted with me as I further tapped into my shamanic aspect of SELF recently last year in July 2015. I began working with a plant medicine named Ayahuasca and this has been a huge part of my healing journey so far. My body is in better shape from the inside out since connecting with this plant teacher. Such a loving mother energy is within this medicine. She wants you to be healthy on all levels. Which seemed to start with my physical body and I understand why now as I am shifting into a 5th dimensional Being. My body needs nutrition and food that supports my wellbeing. I have benefited on so many levels through working with sacred plants.

For the person who has never participated in a plant medicine ceremony, it can be easy to assume that the medicine causes you to hallucinate, and that this explains the experience. But when you have actually had the experience and engaged in plant medicine ceremonies with highly trained shamans who make the medicine correctly, such simplistic and reductionist explanations fall apart completely.

Plant medicine is not for everybody but this was something my spirit guided me to, I felt a strong calling to it. This was a process that felt natural to my soul. This PLANT TEACHER has the power not only to heal, but to transform our understanding and experience of reality. It should be treated with greatest respect and it is not for social use at all. A shaman conducting medicine ceremonies must have both power and integrity.

Among many of the indigenous traditions in my aboriginal shamanic life I would work with plant medicine. As the Shaman of the tribe I knew how to prepare and use a huge array of healing plants. I worked with the forces of nature intimately so that my tribe and all of humanity could benefit from the healing and wisdom. I knew I was a part of the collective consciousness of the planet and what I did for the micro had a huge impact on the macro.

When you know the power of the master plants you can work with them to assist the evolution of your consciousness and spiritual growth. The preparation of medicine plants is an art and a great responsibility and requires spiritual purity, focus, knowledge and power.

The plants can bridge the dimensions and have the ability to connect us with the invisible forces that exist beyond our immediate perception. That’s what the dragonfly and the snake are sharing with us through the art.

The dragonfly invites us all to explore beyond the veil of illusion. When you break down illusions, understand your dreams, gain the power of flight you see truth and bring LIGHT and enlightenment to yourself.

As Snake sheds its skin so can we can shed our illusions and limitations. With every illusion we breakthrough we move into higher spiritual energy. The ability to do this is wisdom.

The Snakes medicine just like the Shamanic Path is not to be treated lightly as they both touch on the deepest mysteries in life and cause us to look at our most limiting beliefs.

The world of the shaman is multi-dimensional and working with these energies reminded me once again of my innate inner knowledge and wisdom of honouring and using plants of power for altered states of consciousness.

Working with plant teachers, meditating with them, learning and singing their songs, or communing with them in nature puts us all in touch with the Divine.

The energies of the PLANT MEDICINE WOMAN have the ability to tap into that knowledge within you as well. Everyone’s journey is unique but the insights gained are all extremely valuable and perfect for you.

If you are ready to shed your own skin, these energies within this painting are ready and waiting to guide you through the spiral path of transformation. Do you feel an inner Shaman calling? Connecting with this painting activates this aspect of your SELF and helps to unlock more of that knowledge and wisdom within you.

May we all work together in harmony to protect and preserve the sacred, to nurture our amazing Mother Earth so that she may take care of our future generations. And so it is.



11th March 2016: Note - If you would like to purchase this amazing original piece of artwork it is currently available for $100 plus shipping. Please email [email protected] for more information



The Cosmic Serpent – Jeremy Narby

Supernatural - Graham Hancock



Sending Endless Rainbow Blessings,


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