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I channeled a healing course with my 'council' in 2012 that we named 'arcturian rainbow healing'. I had no idea what the heck to do with the information but I started sharing and using it in healing. After 4 years and training many many people in over 200 sessions I am now creating a 2nd edition of the Arcturian Rainbow Healing as I feel I have a better grasp on what I am doing and how its all working with myself and others.

I have been learning to bi-locate which for me, means that most of my mind is still here on earth and my body is still here on earth but my consciousness is able to travel to spaces, places and other dimensions. I was once able to facilitate a group bi-location with 5 others where time was lost and wisdom was gained.

I have been working on bringing more of my higher self energy through and trust her to operate in the higher realms for me.

Also, my astral/meditation/dream time experiences are now like stepping into other realities, they are very lucid and and I use the information I find in them to help others in many ways.

Its weird as heck to me still that I need sleep or to bi-locate to do my work! It definitely breaks up the Earth experience for me! LOL

I feel so grateful for this wonderful bizarre journey and sooooo excited about the 2nd Edition Arcturian Rainbow Healing that I am working on!

Huge shifts and transformations have taken place to to what I do and I am feeling loud and proud of myself today.

I am Love and I love you all

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