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So, here is something a little different that just flowed through me!


I really do believe that a soul can have many Aspects of SELF (for example), an Aboriginal aspect of SELF, an Egyptian aspect of SELF, a Victorian English aspect of SELF.... Even an Arcturian aspect of SELF, a Fairy SELF, Angelic SELF etc… there are so so many aspects of SELF that form the soul that we are.

Tapping into this river fae aspect of SELF who resided in the Saluda blue ridge mountains was a beautiful journey that allowed me to feel the whole of nature in the mountains.

“The Saluda Mountains are a mountain range that straddle along the North Carolina and South Carolina border, in the southeastern United States. They are part of the Blue Ridge Province of the Southern Appalachian Mountains”. (wikipedia)

Working with this aspect of SELF allowed me to tap into some deeper emotions and feelings and into my subconscious mind.

It was a truly cleansing journey into the deep pool of my subconscious mind that allowed a shift of consciousness to take place as I embraced this aspect of SELF and realized that I was still very influenced by Water, it still plays a huge role in my life and right now needed more if it in my life to help me transform into a 5th dimensional Being.

Water is a way to get more energy and light to enter your body . Water allows the light to move through the body so much faster.

Water is a living thing, and it felt a great honour to tap into this aspect of SELF and to feel whats its like to be a part of that power of sustaining, and restoring life- as well as being capable of taking it.

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