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I just spent my 9th Valentines Day with my beloved husband of 8 years and I have to say it was our best one yet! No grand gestures or expensive gifts. Just an amazing evening of quality time together doing and eating and drinking all of our favourite things...... I think we were both on cloud nine for the next week after that night and feel closer to eachother than ever before and you'll have to believe me when I say that we were close before, we were already telepathic with eachother and now, it’s an even deeper connection. There are no words for it or anything else to compare it to but I am working on inventing them!

I feel like I just met him but at the same time know him soul deeply. It’s like he knows every part of me inside and out and I love that the more I am truly mySELF, warts in all, the more he loves me and vice versa! it’s the perfect figure of 8 relationship. An infinite energy that is always in balance between us. It’s like our hearts beat as one. They have become one. They want, feel, see, need, cherish all of the same things!

I frequently ask my husband, Tim, whilst he holds me in his strong arms and kisses me for the millionth time that day ''Do you think anyone else is like us after being married 8 years?'' and we always say ''NO'' together because we just don't see it in other relationships around us. Maybe everyone is like us? Maybe when the front door is locked everyone acts like us? Maybe affection in public isn’t the thing to do? I know I had a problem with public displays of affection during a very negative period of my life when I felt lonely and in the wrong relationship. We had to tone down our kissing and affection for many of our family members because it made them uncomfortable or they would just make comments like ''get a room''. It’s not like we were groping or sticking our tongues down eachothers necks! All I can think is, I'm kissing my husband and allowing him to show affection for me also verbally and physically. We are in Love and its sends us sideways to make eachother happy. How is that bad? If you loved me wouldn’t you be happy for me? Don't you want that in your relationship? Doesn’t it make you feel hopeful?

Over the years I have been working on being my more of my authentic SELF and part of that healing work has involved letting go of what others may or may not think about me and my relationship with my husband no matter who they were, related or unrelated. I had to let go of all of it in my own mind. Not physically. These people are all in my life. Just mentally, I healed the thought patterns that were blocking me from expressing Love for my partner.

Thoughts become manifestations so I could see that there was resistance in me to Love and be Loved. When people make comments, it’s a reflection of my concerns, my issues and blocks within. They are my wonderful mirrors showing me what’s going on in my own psyche.

Despite our many challenges, we are closer than ever. Tim and I know that these challenges have made us stronger, they were opportunities that have helped to form the amazing synergetic relationship that we have. And we know now, so early in our marriage that we can do ANYTHING together. Its wild! I feel so blessed to be gifted this relationship and to be a part of nurturing it to wholeness for all to see!

I wish our kind of Love on everyone. Our life is not perfect (whatever that is?!) but we both get that and we work together all the time to make eachother happy. We work on ourselves because it makes us each a better person and we know that the relationship we have inside when strengthened helps all of our relationships, especially with eachother.


When I set my thoughts and intentions to happy ones I make him happy and it works both ways. Happiness starts within and comes from a deep gratitude for what you already have and being grateful for that even if it’s for the rest of your life.

My Love for Tim does not depend on anything, not material things, not the way he acts, not for what he says, not for what he does for me, not because he makes me happy, not even because he is with me. Because if he wanted to go and that would make him happy, I'd want nothing more than that for him. I don’t own him, my happiness does not depend on him and this works the same way for him with me.

So, this 9th Valentine’s Day, I made my beloved a card at home in my beautiful new art room that he helped me put together. I wanted to reflect our love in this artwork. I wanted to be able to show what a balanced partnership can be.

The two people are joined in a heart shape, both their heads and necks like ventricles. Their bodies make the rest of the heart and within the heart they both hold onto a higher heart which is a reflection of their soul, that is ONE.

The Heart is much, much more than a muscle pumping blood through the physical body. The heart has intelligence that goes way beyond the mind.

Our heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds our entire bodies and extends at least fifteen feet in every direction. Through this field Tim and I send signals to every cell in the body, affecting physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being for eachother in a positive way.

We have created what is referred to as ‘’heart coherence’’ within ourselves and with eachother.

After making the card for Tim which we both adore. I wanted to play with the image a little more so I put it into Phostoshop and did some playing around and ended up creating a piece that represents this Love even more so. I can do prints of this artwork for anyone who interested. Just email [email protected]

When I was creating this artwork I began going on a journey to the beginning of our Love in this life and as I journeyed through it I realized I had played a huge part in manifesting this love. Eternal love was very important to me at a young age. I remember being a teenager and thinking about the man I would marry at night. Every night I would imagine what he would be like and how our Love would be. At the time, it was just day dreaming to me. I didn’t think any more on it once I had gone to sleep.

I wasnt thinking about weddings or anything superficial. I was thinking about the deep wants and desires that I have. All of the ones I wanted this man to fulfill. Why not day dream on that? Its awesome!

In my early 20's I had a reading telling me about the man I was going to marry and over several years again, I would think about him and imagine what he would be like, what our relationship would be like ect…

So, when I did meet Tim in my mid 20’s, I knew immediately, this man was important in my life. I knew I needed to love him but I that I also had to let him go.

I did have to let him go because we met in England (where I am from) and he needed to go home to the USA (where he is from) just a few months into starting our relationship.

We parted ways with no real plan to see eachother next until a few months later he planned me a trip to see him in Florida where I watched the documentary ‘the secret’. Again, I had to let him go, without a plan of when we would see eachother again so when I go home I created a visionary board.

I put everything I wanted in life on that board. There was a real theme with eternal love and wanting a lasting love. I even put a picture of a diamond ring next to a passage about Love from the bible (not that I am a bible kinda person) it was a lovely passage though.

After making those visionary boards I put them up on the wall and just got on with life.

6 months later Tim was proposing to me with a diamond ring reading the same passage I had put down next to the ring (without even know I had created the boards!).

So, my biggest tip I can give through my experiences is that to get eternal love first you have to believe it and manifest it to be true. Think about everything you want in your partner and partnership. What kind of life you wish to live with them and what kind of journey you wish to take in this life as a team. Think about all of your wants, needs and desires and imagine that your perfect partner will know all about them! The trick is to keep the dream alive but not to be attached it or any particular outcome. You got to be OK with who you are right NOW! With or without eternal love. Just know that in their own way all of your desires will be fulfilled if it is the path you are meant to take. It’s a beautiful balance and a dramatic dance of desire and letting go at the same time.

May your heart be met with eternal love in every moment.


If you would like to commission a painting that comes with its own personal Reading for you please visit my Art from the Heart Page. My beautiful healing Art from the HEART are channelled paintings that I do with my higher self. In order for me to connect with my higher self I have to become heart-centered and embody the energies of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. I allow my healing to flow into the art so that the painting is packed with high frequency healing energies. Your guides, angels, loved ones, different aspects of SELf and all kinds of other beings can come through. With the help of these spirit guides I am taken on a journey of discovery with every painting and they each deliver a Reading that will also be shared with you when your painting is sent.




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