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Back in January of this year I attended a workshop named 'The Heart of Money' that was facilitated by a wonderful lady named Julie Weaver-Parkes. This workshop in Charlotte, NC came at a perfect syncronistic time for me so I was extremely happy to attend. 

During this workshop we were guided through several exercises that were really insightful and empowering! Julie helped us all to gain clairty around our finances with a variety of techniuqes. We even used EFT/Tapping and had a little dance at the end to celebrate our finances. 

I know I released alot that evening because I danced a happy dance that night and have done so every time I pay a bill to date. Celebrating every payment I make is liberating and since attending the workshop I am noticing improvements around finances. It helped me restructure my finances and set some long term goals so that over time things will just get better and better.   

As usual I like to create whilst I am releasing and healing. Its just something I do that really helps me process things. So, after the workshop, that week whilst I continued my inner work that Julie had set the stage for I began doing a small painting (11x7 inches) that represented a healed sacral chakra.

You wouldnt believe how long it took me to do this little canvas! And also how hard it actually was for me, even the colour orange, for me, to begin with, wasn't fun to work with. It was tough to be with. But as I pushed myself to open up more and just absorb the energies I started to release I really began to enjoy the whole process the painting was taking me through.

Before Julies workshop I always linked money and wealth to the heart chakra (the witch in me is always thinking money spells which usually use green) but when she said it was the sacral it kinda clicked and I had one of those Aha! Moments. Linking abundance to the sacral began to make sense to me. The Sacral for me is all about Childhood and Creativity. I believe we are all creative as children and all have creative gifts but somehow many people lose theses due to the stresses of life. 

The challenge/opportunity is that many of us dont want to deal with what is causing the stress, prefering to think ''its out there'', ''its not me, its them'' blah blah blah!  So, now I see that not relasing stress, fear and old wounds not only blocks our creative genius, but also can produce issues around fertility, abundance and love.

Well, that was me in a nutshell! fertility, abundance and love were three things that were blocked or at least not running to their full potentials. 

The sacral chakra provides the fertile soil for our cosmic seeds to expand. It's where we learn how to birth and nurture (physically, mentally, spiritually) things into our life. So any issues with money, life purpose, relationships, fertility or creativity is sacral chakra stuff and thats where the healing work needs to be done.

During the process of the painting my guides and higher self are whispering to me all kinds of information to help me heal this energy centre within myself. Here are some things I'd like to share...

...Shake your hips. Julie got me to do this in the workshop and I felt it working and it really helps to just shake your hips every day - its very freeing! I just do it when Im in the kitchen usually. Doing my chores and shaking my hips! Lol. So my gang also enfoced that and enforced how much the sacral chakra loves movement (especially the figure of 8 motion) Latin/African dance or other body movements that work with shaking or winding your hips are also wonderful for opening the sacral chakra. Another way to use your hips to open the sacral chakra is hula hooping! Now I know why I started that last year! Don't you just love that! When you know that there is a part of you really wanting you to heal and is setting up tools for you to use along the way..... 

Another fantazmical (I just made that word up! lol) practice for the sacral chakra is tantric love. You may at first associate tantra with sex but for me, tantra is also a really spiritual practice that can be used to raise our kundalini vibration. One of the main practises of tantra is breathing (up the spine and through the sacral chakra). Often, Tantra is used while being intimate however, its objective is healing. Learning to balance your sacral chakra through tantric practices helps you decrease stress, open creativity and enhance your relationships (internally and externally).

In the feng shui the sacral chakra correlates with Legacy which is sometimes called Family. So, its good to objectively look into these areas of your house and life and find the things that can be cleaned, purged or brightened up. Also, this area of Family is linked with creativity. So, when you are reaching your true creative fulfillment this will strengthen Family and your Legacy.

I love essential oils and aromatherapy, so it was suggested to use rose, rosewood and small amounts of ylang ylang essential oils are all so divine both to smell and experience in massage oil for your sacral chakra. Mix some with raw coconut oil and use it as a body oil. Rubbing the oil around your sacral chakra will really help to stimulate it if you do it in a figure of 8 motion or circular motions (starting smaller and getting bigger with each new circle). 

All of these suggestions  help to unblock the energies within the sacral chakra and are great for those really deeply rooted blocks that literally need to be physically shaken out! lol

Healing the sacral is a process, just like healing any part of ourselves. Everyones process is that is unique but if you feel drawn to this post and feel yourself excited by this information then maybe there is something in it for you.....

The healing energy of this painting that I have created assists the balancing of the sacral chakra and allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. This healing will be received on a subconscious level, thus triggering the appropriate actions to unfold for you to recognize, acknowledge and release or integrate.

Prints are available (email [email protected]) otherwise feel free to use the picture/s I  have posted here and allow yourself to relax and absorb the energy of the art. 

If you would like to commission a painting that comes with its own personal Reading for you please visit my Art from the Heart Page. My beautiful healing Art from the HEART are channelled paintings that I do with my higher self. In order for me to connect with my higher self I have to become heart-centered and embody the energies of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. I allow my healing to flow into the art so that the painting is packed with high frequency healing energies. Your guides, angels, loved ones, different aspects of SELf and all kinds of other beings can come through. With the help of these spirit guides I am taken on a journey of discovery with every painting and they each deliver a Reading that will also be shared with you when your painting is sent.





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