Anthony Lyons ~ Canada

When I was child I loved to draw, paint, create and build. Even back then I got lost in my mind and would sit for hours with my little box of paints and would hardly sleep as result. I realise now that Art had helped tune me to the vibrations of other energies and beings around me art a very early age , the concept of aliens seemed wired in pre-birth and completely rational . It seemed ‘alien’ to me that aliens didn’t exist , so instead of finding myself in a child psychologists waiting room , I chose to suppress all the inner knowing , with a deep feeling that one day the world would be much more open and receptive to my visions and feelings. Which, is now coming to pass in these times of the great awakening of human consciousness.

Then through the progression of life I realised the absorbing inner peace, that art brought me, I moved into studying fine art, psychology and then moving onto Art psychotherapy. All very interesting, but academia seemed to be a functional formulaic way of exploring human creativity. Text book learning didn’t seem to wash and I wanted no limitations and preconceptions in my creative journey. As a result my art had seemed to lose that healing element of magic I had felt in connecting with people and nature.

So my art began to harmonize with themes around my expanding spirituality, I explored mediumship, quantum physics, tarot reading, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, the whole nine yards. Psychic art has now become a key visual reference of what I can unlock and remember which seems really exciting to me.

I care a great deal for people and have a very sensitive nature which has attracted me to my work. This has shown me the benefits of using art with the elderly with dementia, adults and children with learning disabilities and adults with mental health problems. Everyone can lock into that creative force and create psychic snapshots on many different levels of a persons physical, mental and emotional states.

The defining thing I try and capture is light ,love, inspiration and beauty; all the things we WANT to feel Sometimes the greatest beauty can be found from the seemingly most difficult and challenging times in our life which is when psychic art can really communicate and lift us.

The beauty of it all I find is that images will just appear, such as, angels, alien beings, ufo’s, dimensional energies and loved ones, seemingly not consciously . In fact I find the looser I work, especially through just finger painting, or just moving the canvas around from side to side and letting the paint and water mixture flow randomly create very clear images, and that’s what I find mind-blowing about psychic art, that there seems to be greater overseeing intelligence to it all .This is what I am constantly exploring and literally just ‘going with the flow’.

There is a wonderful energy that we can all tap into and it goes by many different names but I believe it comes through our etheric cord and as everything is energy we can access the universe through this. We can unlock symbols, events, places, moments ,loved ones, worlds and dimensions all in the past, present and future and decode it into an image , much as a medium would do through words .So I therefore believe a painting like messages, always go to whom they are meant to be received by.

As the world is going through tremendous changes, the connection to all these realms and dimensions is clearing and growing stronger in all of us. Much of my art is my visual record of how the ascension and evolution of humanity is unfolding, art to me represents the infinite which mirrors where we are all going and I love it ! After all it is all about just that spreading the love!


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