Animal Guidance Cards

From the very beginning the people of Mother Earth have sought after visions and messages from the Creator who communicates with us through our interaction with nature.

EVERYTHING in nature is connected at an unseen level. Animals, plants, and rocks all have lessons to teach us and profound messages to share.

Throughout history these messages have helped mankind to survive and have provided us with direction, protection, compassion, and healing.

The messages exist in all of Nature but are most popular with the animals. Animals have certain qualities and behaviour that we can will do well to adopt at certain points in our lives.

Usually the animals that you are drawn to, or fear the most also have something to teach you. Animals encourage self-knowledge and can tell you a great deal about yourself.

There are many ways to connect and communicate with your Animal Guide. You can discover your Animal Guide by paying attention to the information you receive through dreams and close encounters in your daily life. Find out what is their significance is and what is the important message?

All of the animal spirits will instruct, guide and protect, but you must allow yourself to be open to their messages and accept their teachings. This may involve accepting personal weaknesses as well as recognizing strengths.

Before selecting your card please take several deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Releasing and letting go on the out breath.

Clear your mind and relax for a few moments.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a brilliant blue bubble of protection and call upon your guides.

Then have your question, situation or desire for inspiration in your mind and ask your heart / higher wisdom for the answer, and click the card you feel most drawn to.

Keep hold of the first thought that comes to your mind once you read the card description. For the first thought is the truest before your left brain can suggest otherwise.

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