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I’ve been connected with the spiritual world since I was young, but only started working with the spiritual beings from when I was 12 years old. My mother owned an art college and still does in South Africa. Life was a huge schooling growing up which I now see the tools that I received when I was younger has helped me be of service today.

South Africa is known for its crime, but I see it differently as I heard and myself, experienced beings physically appearing in times when you were not meant to leave the planet or be harmed on numerous times. The art college called to people who needed healing and after training for 7 years in the impressionistic techniques I could teach art classes. I worked with children and down syndrome and autistic as well as adults in trauma. My art kept on growing as well as personally and spiritually.

Originally from South Africa, I met my husband and we moved to UK in 2006 where I was asked to work with the government sector in Hertfordshire with various backgrounds – which was an experience and growth.

I believe we are on a continuous journey to achieve balance in all areas of our life. People come into our life teaching us lessons which are part of our development. This can be both challenging and peaceful depending on the lessons we have chosen or our personal perceptions.

I am on a quest to study lifelong learning skills which shape my future and help me see how I can make a difference in my life and others lives. Whatever I say to you is what I am working on myself.

Services Include

Spiritual Paintings & Readings

Handmade Sculptures

Fairy in my Pocket Cards

Reiki Healing

Spiritual Events

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